[Bonus] Talking about Carol Kuhlthau

Just wanted to say that I got to talk about Carol Kuhlthau in my Teaching Writing class today! We talked about writer’s notebooks and journaling, and I said how I would like to have students journal about the research process thanks to Kuhlthau’s ideas about the stages of the information search process. I don’t know if she’s typically well-known outside of library circles, but I was still sad that no one had any idea who I was talking about. Since it’s a class full of pre-service secondary teachers who want to incorporate writing into their classrooms and who will almost undoubtedly have to assign research papers at some point, I think Kuhlthau’s research could be very useful to them. It’s important for librarians and information professionals to remain user-centered, and I think that’s important for educators too – we should be focused on the student experience. An awareness of Kuhlthau’s work allows us to think about the student experience and try our best to ease their anxieties about research.


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