[Bonus Post] Librarians’ favorite TV show?

I recently started watching Veronica Mars (you can watch all three seasons on Amazon Prime video! Season one is here) since an SI friend (not in LIS) recommended it. When I mentioned something on Facebook about it, there was a chorus of enthusiasm about the show from many different people. Most were from SI and LIS specifically. I know that since I’m in LIS, most of my friends are from this specialization, but still, it was kind of crazy that so many of them would see a post about Veronica Mars and comment on it. Is Veronica Mars the favorite show of librarians? Something to contemplate and possibly research if I’m ever bored and/or procrastinating.

Oh, and by the way, it’s only been about a week that I’ve been watching it and I’m already at least 25% of the way through season 3 of 3, so yeah, it’s as awesome as everyone has been saying it is! And the movie comes out in a little over a month, after the show having been off the air for about 7 years. Cool stuff!


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