This week was a good start to 643. I love that it’s a class about libraries of all kinds (and archives too)! I mean, I still like hearing about what my HCI/SC/IAR peers are up to, but it’s good to be in a place where we all have something like librarianship in common. We get to “let our librarian flags fly” as Kristin said. We’re all very different in where we want to end up (school versus public versus academic libraries and beyond) and in many other ways, but there is a kind of thread connecting all in the library field – we all want to serve people.

Anyway, some of our differences beyond the types of libraries we want to work in came out when we talked about mindsets, specifically fixed versus growth mindsets based on the quiz found here (it is an attempt to sell a book, but you can just take the quiz). A lot of the stuff was kind of ambiguously worded, and it was a very short quiz, but it was still pretty interesting. I answered every question in a way that corresponded to growth mindsets. I think it fits me pretty well; I am always trying to learn new things, and I think I have increased my own talents in things like crochet. It’s something I definitely want to look into more so I can understand it better. These kinds of quizzes are fun more than anything, not always particularly scientific, but it is important to be aware that there are these different types of mindsets and so reaching out to different people may be more or less effective based on the method you use.

I’m looking forward to where we are going this semester in 643. I really like the topics that we have been reading about and discussing so far. And I’m curious to see how my SI classes this semester, most of which have an emphasis on learning or education, intersect with my School of Ed. classes. I think it will certainly be an interesting semester.


One thought on “mindsets

  1. I feel so left out having missed the first day of class, so thanks for post this. I took the quiz and I also found it pretty interesting. Some time we forget that everyone has a different set of intelligence, talent and perspectives on a topic. It can really difficult to learn if you don’t first reflect on where our basic level of understanding is. I’m so used to starting the semester off by diving in head first and hoping for the best. Its really interesting to first take a second to see where there may be some holes in my understanding of a topic and filling them in before I move on.

    I’m also really looking forward to letting my librarian flag fly!

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